Appliance Repair Near Me

Appliance Repair Near Me

Amazing Article About Appliance Repair Near Me

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Appliance Repair Near Me – Once bitten twice shy! Living in the “Big Apple” may not always be an enchanting prospect for many. I have lived long enough to have learnt my lessons and that too the very hard way. There have been many a time that I have been fleeced only to learn later, how naïve I have been.

If you are not with your wits around you, there are unscrupulous individuals under every stone on the sidewalk waiting to fleece you. You would need to be very vigilant and careful because there could be moments where you would drop your guard and learn bitter lessons. There are professional confidence tricksters who have learnt their art of deception not in New York City, but in the shoddy streets of the Far East or within the borders of the Indian Sub-Continent.

They are masters at their game and before you could dip your eyelids, you could be poorer by a few hundreds of dollars. It is these experiences that have got the better of me and I would always consider of not being bitten again and be shy twice over!

This is how when my washing machine and dryer both packed up on the same day brought me back to my senses as I had to look for an appliance repair near me. I was not willing to part with both these appliances which were just about a couple of years old by handing them over to one of those guys creeping up from under a stone on the sidewalk.

Appliance Repair Near Me For More Info Call Us Now: (347) 754-6600

Appliance Repair Near Me

I had to find a bona fide appliance repairman who would be reliable, reputable, and with good credentials to undertake the repairs on my washing machine and dryer. I was not willing to part with them and run from pillar to post trying to either find the people who took it away for the repair of get the appliances back.

I had been bitten enough times in the past but after sanity prevailed in me I have been quite vary to trust anybody with anything. Not with my washing machine and dryer but not even with anything more trivial. It is then that I had to opportunity to speak with a colleague of mine to address my predicament. This was because I had never been at the receiving end of having both my washing machine and dryer both refusing to budge on the same day.

Bona fide, reputable and reliable

My colleague was a person about the city and had a good social circle around him of which I would lack a bit, probably due to my introvert attitude. He had a wide circle of friends, colleagues and most of all a ship full of relatives. He had his tentacles all over the place and in fact knew even those guys under the stones of the sidewalk. He also knew through his contacts, which is quite wide of which I envy him to share his circles experiences with me.

Without batting an eyelid he pulled out his phone and bloated out the telephone number and website address of whom he said was the most reliable, reputable and trustworthy appliance repairman around the length and breadth of New York City. I was a bit apprehensive no doubt, but I had the utmost trust on my colleague whom I had known and worked with for many years. We had a good working relationship and also a personal relationship which never had any issues for either of us to contend with. On face value I was compelled to take his advice seriously and contact the appliance repairman on the hotline telephone number given to me.

The call was politely answered when I called (347) 754-6600 and after a few questions that I had answered on the phone especially about the brands and models of my washing machine and dryer, they arrived at my home promptly. They were very polite and courteous and inspected both my appliances. I was watching them closely as they were in my home and I was alone.

They acted very professionally and inspected the washing machine and dryer thoroughly and checked it for all the defects which they said could happen when one happens. After the inspection they handed over to me an estimate which they said and are printed on very clearly as – No Obligations. They left advising me to revert if I would need to get my appliances repaired, especially bringing to my attention that it would be imperative I am present.

Appliance Repair Near Me For More Info Call Us Now: (347) 754-6600

Appliance Repair Near Me

Service par excellence

The estimate in hand and being overwhelmed by their professionalism in my first meeting with them I decided not to call for another estimate as I found theirs reasonable and within my budget. This time instead of calling them I thought I would contact them on their website, . I answered the relevant questions and they called me back confirmed my presence at home and they were there sooner than the last time around.

They apprised me that they could execute the repairs in my premises for which I directed them to my garage and they took to the task. Two teams worked on the two appliances and there work which I was observing seated on a chair outside the garage was thorough and professional. I knew by watching them that they knew what they were doing. They took the right tool every time they picked one in either hand. They did not struggle with the nuts and the bolts and had the replacement parts with them.

This was because they knew what had to be done and went about their tasks without much ado. In the meantime I called their hotline number (347) 754-6600 to inquire whether I could pay by credit card, for which they replied in the affirmative.

They completed their task, switched on both the appliances and after confirming that they were both back to their old self they took the payment which I paid with my credit card and left. The whole experience that I had with them was par excellence and there was not an iota of dissatisfaction that I could think of. They were a professional unit from the time that I called them on (347) 754-6600 till they completed the job and left my premises.

It was their professionalism that drew my attention which is one of the biggest problems that most consumers have to encounter today. Here I saw professionalism at its best and it is “hats off to them”.

Building a relationship

Since my initial experience with them I have had a few of my appliances packing up. They have all been repaired and are running at optimum efficiency with no complaints at all. They have sent other teams when my refrigerator packed up and they were as professional as the others. I have passed on their telephone and web address,  to my friends and other colleagues who have had issues with their appliances.

The feedback that I have got has been very positive with no complaints whatsoever. In a world of crooks to have one entity which would extend service above par is a consolation. The service extended and the relationship that they intend building has had very good results. This is not only for the appliance repair company but most of all for the customer, who has been perennially at the mercy of unscrupulous individuals.

Finding a reputed appliance repairman has been a bone of contention for many, but not now as it would take just a telephone call to bring the best in the business to you. Many who have had dealing with this entity has only good words to say as they have been satisfied with the service offered.

Repairs a wide range of brands

They have the experience and the expertise to repair a wide range of brands that are popular with home and professional appliances. They have the appropriate tools to work on them and they would cover the following brands.

Admiral, Amana, Asko, Bosch, Electrolux, Estate, Frigidaire, GE, Gaggenau, Hot Point, Jenn-Air, Kenmore, KitchenAid, LG, Magic-Chef, Maytag, Roper, Sears, Tappan, Thermador, Viking, Whirlpool, Wolf, Premier, Samsung.

If you have any of the above brands or even others it would be prudent of you to contact the professional appliance repairman around and get them running again quickly and at a reasonable cost. The customer service that would be extended to you would be par excellence and you would have your appliances running efficiently again. You do not need to run from pillar to post again, the professionals are just a call away.

You could also contact them on the website  and avail their professional services. They are reasonable in price and would also extend a guarantee on their workmanship. You could be rest assured that for what you pay, the service that you would get in return would be what money cannot buy anywhere. You have the option of paying by credit card and it is convenience at its best.

If your home appliance packs, there is none you should be calling other than Appliances Repair Brooklyn,  whose motto itself speaks volumes for their commitment, which is “Service You Can Trust”.

They live up to it and my experiences with them have been extraordinary and would be happy to recommend then to anyone with stubborn home appliances around if they want they brought back to life at a very reasonable cost. There is many an appliance repairman around us here in the “Big Apple” but they are the best and none would come close to them.   

Appliance Repair Near Me For More Info Call Us Now: (347) 754-6600

Appliance Repair Near Me
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Appliance Repair Near Me
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