Refrigerator Repair in Brooklyn

Refrigerator Repair in Brooklyn

Amzing Article About refrigerator Repair in Brooklyn

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Refrigerator Repair in Brooklyn – The refrigerator is a very common household appliance made up of a thermally insulated compartment and a mechanical, electronic or chemical thermal pump that moves heat from inside the refrigerator to its external environment so that the inside of the refrigerator is cooled to a temperature less than room temperature.

Your refrigerator is a home appliance that operates continuously, day and night, to keep your food fresh and healthy for consumption. It’s shocking to see that refrigerators can do this hard work without suffering from constant burn-out. When your refrigerator breaks down, it can mean dealing with a hefty repair bill, as well as the cost and cleaning of spoilt food.

The repairs are surprisingly easy. All you need is the right tools, the knowledge of the device in question and, of course, patience.


Know Your Refrigerator;

To properly and effectively complete the repair of a device, it is helpful to first know the basic components of your device, including its operation and common problems they encounter.

Refrigerators and freezers consist of two parts: an evaporator coil and a condensing coil. A liquid refrigerant is circulated along with these coils by a motor and a compressor.

This liquid is cooled in the condenser and flows to the evaporator. There, the air is cooled to the immediate contact of this coil which is now filled with cooled liquid.

Likely Faults a Refrigerator Can Develop;

  • Interior warmer than 45 degrees Fahrenheit; the compressor seems to work.
  • Refrigerator section too cold; the unit runs continuously.
  • The unit stops working for more than an hour to an hour and a half.

Possible Causes;

  • Light bulbs, door sealants, circulation of air, air dampers, light switches.
  • Thermostat/Air Damper.
  • Plug (disconnected), fuses or circuit breakers or thermostat.
Refrigerator Repair in Brooklyn


  • Bulb: Always make sure the inside bulb of your refrigerator does not exceed 40 watts, as a warmer bulb, even on for a few seconds only when you open the appliance door, will contribute to heat build-up inside of the box.
  • Door Seal: If this seal is torn or cracked, you will need to replace it with a seal specifically designed for your make and model. Loosen the screws behind the torn seal and slide the damaged seal, then replace it with a new one and tighten the screws securely.
  • Air Circulation: Make sure the back of the refrigerator is at least four inches away from the wall. This is the minimum clearance required for unrestricted airflow around and through the unit.
  • Air damper: Some refrigerators have an air register labeled “Refrigerator Control” or “Freezer Control.” Do not confuse this with the thermostat, which is usually labeled “Warmer,” “Colder” and “Of.” If the refrigerator section is too hot but the freezer compartment is operating normally, turn the control to allow more air into the large cooling section. If, however, the freezer is too hot while the refrigerator is very cold, adjust the damper to allow less air to enter the main section.
  • Light switch: You can check this door-activated switch by pressing it while the door is open. If the interior light does not go out, the compartment has probably overheated, then the switch must be replaced. Use a thin screwdriver to push under the bottom edge of the switch and pull it out. Then remove the wires, attach them to a new switch, and replace the set.
  • Dirty coils: The condenser coils on your refrigerator can be mounted outside at the back of the unit. If they are at the bottom of the refrigerator itself, you will need to remove an access cover, usually at the bottom of the refrigerator, to access it. In either case, they should be cleaned at least once a year, using a powerful vacuum cleaner or a special coil brush to do the job. If you remove a panel or housing to access the coils, be sure to replace it so that the unit can suck the air efficiently.
Refrigerator Repair in Brooklyn

In summary, one of the most common misconceptions about repairing refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners is that excessive heat inside the unit indicates a need for more Freon. This gas should only be added as a last resort. Freon lines in a refrigerator are sealed, and once they have been used to add Freon, they tend to leak more and more frequently.

Even if a device needs Freon, you should never try to add it yourself, instead, allow us to help you with the burden: The procedure requires the intervention of a person who can completely evacuate the lines before filling and closing them. You can contact us at for your stress-free refrigerator repairs.

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Refrigerator Repair in Brooklyn
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