Oven Repair

Oven Repair

Awesome Article About Oven Repair in Brooklyn, NY

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Oven repair with a smiling face – Service with a smile If you need your oven repair done professionally and quickly there is none around New York City and its environs than us the experts in the business. We at Brooklyn Appliance Repair have striven to deliver with prompt and courteous service always with a smile. Our technical staff is trained not only to execute impeccable service in oven repair but also to deliver it with a smile. We know by experience that our customers are perennially stressed out when one of their important home or kitchen appliances pack up, and getting it operational is their priority. In the interim if they are subjected to unnecessary hassles they are liable to lose their cool. But with Brooklyn Appliance Repair they would never encounter such a predicament but only prompt and exceptional oven repair service.

Since the year 2005 when we began our operations it has been our mission to ensure we put a smile on every customer that we offer our services in oven repair. Our staff is specifically instructed to ensure a harmonious relationship exists from the time they enter your premises until they leave after the oven repair. Service par excellence Is what we endure to deliver and that too at a reasonable price. We know that a smile could be worth a million words and bringing one on the face of our customers is what we would always cherish. We do not compromise on the quality of our service in oven repair and deliver it with the highest level of professionalism and workmanship.

Our technical staff is licensed and insured which lifts the burden of responsibility on your part if any unforeseen incident happens at your premises. We know that there could be unfortunate incidents that could happen. Even though we are not prophesying anything untoward it would always be in the interest of everyone concerned to be safe rather than sorry later. On that presumption our staff and their activities whilst at your premises are all covered by a comprehensive insurance package with no liability to you or your premises whilst  is underway.   

Oven Repair

Dedicated management

We are a family managed service oriented company which has well qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals under our wing who could deliver superlative workmanship in oven repair. They are all security screened to ensure your security is not compromised at any time. They are instructed to visit your premises and execute the function of servicing your appliances and oven repair which is a responsibility on our shoulders.

Without such stringent security issues being addressed we are aware there could be many a slip between the cup and the lip when they arrive for oven repair. Today security has become a very important issue and not preventing any breech in security could cost you and us to encounter unpleasant situations. We place a high priority on the issue of security and have been in the forefront in the industry advocating such esteem practices.

We would only authorize Certified Professional Appliance Repair personnel to visit you and conduct any oven repair on our behalf. You are authorized and entitled to inspect their bona fides and once satisfied to deal with them further. We leave no stone unturned to ensure the highest protocols are maintained on security as we are aware of very uncompromising situations being reported in the media.

Oven Repair 

Wide service initiatives

We offer comprehensive services in appliance and oven repairs encompassing the New York City area including Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Nassau County and Manhattan. Our service outlets are open six days a week with Saturday as a holiday. We initiated the “same day service” which has been well received by our discerning customers and have helped many to ensure there breakdown times are minimal. We respond fast to every call and would assess the oven repair and offer a free estimate.

The free estimate is coupled with the oven repair that we would be commissioned to undertake for you. A call up fee would be charged but it would be set aside and deducted from the service bill that we would present to you at the end of the oven repair. We are just a call away at (357) 754 6600 and once you initiate it our authorized representatives would promptly visit to check your oven or any other appliance.

It is after they assess the defect and the oven repair needed would they submit an estimate for your perusal. Authorizing it would be your prerogative and once you do so our professional technicians would execute the oven repair. The oven repair would be conducted with the highest professionalism and conducted with esteem decorum by our technicians. We will not execute any oven repair without your express permission and authorization. This is to ensure that no anomalies occur which could sour our relationship with you. We are very transparent in our endeavors and would conduct ourselves with impeccable professionalism.    

Our services are comprehensive and cover all types of appliances from domestic to commercial and we have specialized ourselves and made an indelible name in oven repairs. We have the appropriate tools and the right equipment authorized by our principals to execute any oven repair professionally.

Our technical staff is constantly upgraded on new technologies initiated by our principals so that they are always kept abreast with new products.

Our portfolio and warranties

We repair all leading brands of the world and our portfolio is very impressive and we have been executing repairs for the following with exceptional results. The brands are, Amana, Hotpoint, Frigidaire, Jenn-Air, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Magic Chef, General Electric, Maytag, Admiral, Estate, Gaggenau, Roper, Samsung, Electrolux, Viking, Whirlpool, Bosch, LG, Thermador, Sears and other brands too.

We use only genuine spare parts from the respective manufacturers or parts authorized by them in the oven repair. The warranty that they would offer with the particular spare part would be extended to you. We will not charge you for them but would expect only reimbursement after the oven repair. We expect every major credit card which would enable you pay us conveniently after we have completed the oven repair.

All our services come with a 90 day warranty on labor which means that, if any breakdown occurs we will initiate free of labor costs. We would inform you in details when we submit the estimate as to what the total oven repair would cost you. This would ensure no anomalies occur after we have completed the oven repair.

Large commercial operations would be better served if they contract us at Brooklyn Appliance Repair to regularly maintain the ovens and all other appliances. This would be preventive maintenance where we would be carefully checking every appliance and if they vulnerable to breakdown, inform you in advance.

Such an initiative would prevent your operations from being hindered when you need your appliances to run at optimum efficiency. It would also entail you to priority service whenever you need us when any of them pack up suddenly. Preventive maintenance would eliminate such sudden breakdowns as you would always be pre-warned and prepared. 


Oven Repair
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Oven Repair
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