Refrigerator Repair Queens Near Me

Refrigerator Repair Queens Near Me

Amazing Article About Refrigerator Repair Queens Near Me

Refrigerator Repair Queens Near Me – Your refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in your kitchen. It keeps foods and vegetables fresh, thus helping you lead a healthy and nutritious life. But remember, the refrigerator consists of various components, and one of them may stop working after a few years. You can’t expect electronic appliances to last for a lifetime. And when your refrigerator doesn’t work properly, you should contact a professional near you as soon as possible.

At Appliance Repair Brooklyn, we inspect your refrigerator thoroughly to find out the problematic part. We then fix it to make your refrigerator work properly again. Over the years, we have had the experience of handling various refrigerator models. Some of the most common symptoms of the refrigerator not working that we noticed are as follows:

• It doesn’t cool foods and vegetables inside.

• Water is pooling inside the refrigerator.

• The freezer doesn’t make ice even if you keep the refrigerator at its highest setting.

• Water leaks under the refrigerator.

• The refrigerator’s body is sweating.

• The refrigerator is making noises.

• It won’t defrost.

• The light doesn’t work.

Appliance Repair Brooklyn technicians know how to handle these problems efficiently. We use the latest tools in the business to identify the problem before fixing it quickly. Our technicians know how crucial the refrigerator is for your family. They will do everything they can to fix it on the same day.

Refrigerator repair services

  1. Inspecting the gasket door

Sometimes you may notice that your refrigerator is not closing properly. In most cases, it’s due to the flimsy and dirty gasket on the refrigerator door. Leaving the door slightly open due to a problematic gasket can put enormous pressure on the refrigerator’s motor. You may not know how to clean the gasket door alone. Moreover, you may not have the necessary cleaning solutions to remove the debris. Our technician can come over and clean the gasket door so that it closes properly. Additionally, he will also check the door’s embedded magnets to ensure that they don’t cause problems later to close the door.

  1. Cleaning refrigerator coils

It’s dangerous to touch the refrigerator coils behind without knowing how they work. We suggest that you don’t touch them even if you switch the power off. You never know whether there’s a short-circuit. Our technician uses proper safety precautions before working. He will check with his tools whether the coils have power before touching them. Next, he will disassemble the coils from the refrigerator and inspect what’s wrong with them. Sometimes, pet dander, dirt, and debris can prevent the coils from working smoothly. The on-job technician will clean the coils and repair the necessary parts to make the refrigerator work.

  1. Inspecting water filter

You often notice that the ice machine or the freezer doesn’t make ice like before, even if the refrigerator is at its highest setting. This happens mainly because of the refrigerator’s water filter. This part provides the foundation to produce clean ice. In fact, it also prevents the refrigerator from clogging or leaking. According to our experience, a leaking refrigerator and freezer not working have a common culprit – the water filter. It’s best if you replace the water filter every six months. We will recommend replacing the filter if we notice anything wrong with it. Our technician will not only change the filter but also remove carbon residues accumulated inside. He will run a test with the new filter to ensure that the refrigerator doesn’t leak and makes ice like before.

  1. Maintaining the temperature

We often see people not maintaining their refrigerator’s temperature. You need to keep in mind that you need to change the refrigerator’s temperature according to different climates. The temperature that’s suitable in winter isn’t appropriate for summer. You need to bring the temperature down. We can adjust your refrigerator’s temperature on your behalf and advise you on maintaining the temperature during different seasons. This keeps your refrigerator healthy and makes it long-lasting.

Appliance Repair Brooklyn experts have experience in working with various refrigerator brands, such as Samsung, Viking, Thermador, Admiral, and many more. Call us at (347) 754-6600 and share your problem so that we can send a technician over as soon as possible.

Refrigerator Repair Queens Near Me for more info just call us now: (347) 754-6600 The best services in New York
Refrigerator Repair Near Me
Refrigerator Repair Near Me

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