Broken Appliance Repaired

Broken Appliance Repaired

Amazing Way How Should I Get My Broken Appliance Repaired Or Should I Buy A New One?

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Broken Appliance Repaired-What Brands Are Recommended

Home appliances are an important part of every household. Appliance repair Vs. buying a brand-new appliance has been a never-ending debate amongst people. Over time, these home appliances experience wear and tear, leading to situations that require repairs. But why should appliance repair be preferable when compared to a complete overhaul of the equipment? Let’s consider some vital points.


This factor stands above all in the mind of homeowners when deciding to repair or completely replace their appliances. Repairing these appliances saves money.

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Repairing damaged appliances protects lives. As an appliance gets damaged, it ceases to function properly making it a potential health hazard as it uses electricity to function. Appliance repairs protect lives and ensure the underlying issue is solved.

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The process of replacing a damaged appliance with a brand new one can be time consuming and inconvenient. This is because research on the new product has to be extensively made, looking for the necessary features needed to fill the need, inspecting the new product personally, compare the prices offered between one store to another and delivery arrangement among others take time, energy and money. A phone call can rather be placed, and the equipment can be assessed and repaired, avoiding all the hassles mentioned above.

These are some vital reasons why appliance repairs stand before buying a new appliance. This brings to mind the all-important question, which is; where can this be done?

Global Solutions Appliance Repair is the place to start. Why is this so, what makes us stand out above others, what services do we offer and what locations do we cover?

Having over a decade of experience, Global Solutions Appliance Repair NYC, a New York-based company which specializes in appliance repairs of residential equipment which includes dishwashers, refrigerators, refrigerator ice makers, dryers, washing machines, dryers, ovens, stoves, and ranges. These appliances simplify chores, making them enjoyable, convenient and time-saving, hence improving the life of the user.

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Repairing broken appliances

Global Solutions Appliance Repair NYC stands out amongst others for many reasons, these includes;

1. Experience and expertise: With over a decade worth of experience and certified technicians, Global solutions Appliance Repair leads the line for delivering professional repair services, bringing damaged appliances back to optimal use in the shortest possible time, guaranteeing quality services. Achieving complete customer satisfaction with the services offered remains a paramount priority of the company.

2. Using Original manufactured parts: Global Solutions Appliance Repair NYC embodies professionalism, high-quality work, and honesty and so mandates itself with supplying and using only the manufacturer’s original spare parts. This is because using the manufacturers perfect fit spare parts to replace faulty parts of an appliance increases its effectiveness.

3. Running a flexible schedule: Placing its customer’s convenience and satisfaction above all, the company’s schedule is geared for customer conveniences, adapting to each customer’s need. Global Solutions Appliance Repair offers it services all day long, six days a week from Sunday till Friday, holidays included. Most people have hectic schedules, and appliances break down regardless of its owner’s schedule, making the availability of the company at all times invaluable.

4. Reasonable charges: Global Solutions Appliance Repair NYC offers affordable charges for services provided. No extra charge for holidays and weekend services. This price offer stands out amongst others in this line of work.

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The company’s sole service centers on repairing faulty appliances at the shortest time possible. These appliances and their common problems include:

•    Dishwasher repair- when dishes don’t get dried and remain wet, when the dishwasher doesn’t complete cycles or cycles for an excessive period or when a dishwasher dispenser leakage occurs.

•    Dryer repair- when dryers don’t turn off or on, when it doesn’t get hot or when clothes spend so much time drying inside the dryer.

•    Oven repair- when oven convection fans cease to work, the oven door does not close well, preheating takes too long or when the oven does not switch on or off.

•    Range repair- when it becomes completely damaged or the oven doesn’t heat up.

•    Refrigerator repair- when a refrigerator appears to sweat from the outside, when it ceases to work completely and when strange noises come out from the back or inside the fridge.

•    Stove repair- when cooktop burner flames get excessively low or high, when the stove doesn’t switch off or on or when excessive noise arises from the stove.

•    Washing Machine repair- when the cycle lasts for an excessive amount of time or when the machine doesn’t work at all.

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Global Solutions Appliance Repair NYC services virtually every brand of home appliances in the market. From simple to advanced models doing so with effectiveness and efficiency.

Brands such as Asko, Electrolux, Amana, Frigidaire, General Electric (GE), Bosch, KitchenAid, Kenmore, LG, Maytag, Miele, Samsung, Sub-zero, Whirlpool, Viking, Wolf, and Sub-zero are known for making durable products, owning one of these brands is great. Owners of these brands attest to their long-lasting features. For example, the ‘Whirlpool Gold’ dishwashers, refrigerators, and stoves have been known to work with little to no issues for a great period of time, therefore, owning one of these appliances is worth repairing as it saves money too.

LG branded products are known for their quiet performance, reliable for future use and energy efficiency. Their products are known for giving peace of mind to customers.

Famous for their state of the art models, Samsung has maintained a reputation for being classy and maintaining smarter, faster and newer innovations, they specifically make amazing washing machines.

Asko, Bosch, and Miele are reputable dishwasher brands known for their quality.

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Known for pioneering integrated refrigeration as well as professional refrigerators, Sub-Zero a third-generation company is reputable for their outstanding refrigeration sets and better shelving. Sub-zero refrigerators are known to have two compressors which solve the problem of smells migrating from the refrigerator to the freezers, a vacuum seal, an air purification filter (air scrubbing).

Viking is one of the best names in the appliance industry, considered as a culinary company alongside being a major appliance manufacturer. Viking has an ever-improving brand of refrigerators with amazing technologies ranging from electronic controls, possessing high humidity zone drawers and air purifiers to remove odors. Having a Viking product is good news.

With purposeful innovations for more than a 100-years, General Electric provides owners of appliances with simplicity, style, and lasting quality to improve their lives. General Electric produces a wonderful set of ranges amongst its numerous lines of manufactured appliances.

Frigidaire, producers of home appliances, known for their durability and great reliance. Some of their superb products include ranges and ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators and many others. Frigidaire dishwashers with the OrbitClean technology system delivers optimal cleaning performance. You can rest assure that your dishes will be done all at once without do-overs as the dishes get four-times high water coverage.

Kenmore produces very convenient and smart refrigerators which enable users to control them remotely and monitor their operations from anywhere using a smartphone device. Such a home appliance is invaluable to homeowners.

Electrolux, makers of dishwashers, ranges, refrigerators and wall ovens amongst others are known for their great and more varied products. They offer side by side and French door in their refrigerator class of products. Their wall ovens are also great, saving lots of space in the Kitchen. Anyone would be lucky to possess any of them.

Wolf, makers of professional ranges with all gas or dual fuel series. Their electric ovens use a twin fan self-cleaning convection which allows better roasting and baking to occur at lower temperatures. These appliance repairs will be best managed by a professional repair company like us.

When it comes to good brands, it pays to retain the products by repairing them when they get damaged. If you own one of these brands, it will serve you better to repair them, as you will retain the value of owning such wonderful products.


Global Solutions Appliance Repair NYC services the entire New York City area which includes Brooklyn, Manhattan, Nassau County – Long Island and Queens.

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Broken Appliance Repaired
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