Oven Repair Brooklyn

Oven Repair Brooklyn

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Knowing your way around

If you are living in Brooklyn or thereabouts it would be prudent of you to know your bearings around the vicinity in many things that would affect your day to day life. Like everything else you would invariably need to know one aspect that would stick out like a sore finger. That is, where you would look when you have an oven repair Brooklyn or other appliances breakdown. Such information would be important for not only those who would be in business and employing ovens in their operations but also mothers who would use ovens extensively to feed their families.

Ovens like any other appliance would be vulnerable to breakdowns and when it does panicking would not be the option but to get it back to serve you would be the priority. The place that you could turn to would be none other than oven repair Brooklyn Appliance Repair. We are professionals in the line of service oriented industries and have been in the business since 2005. Our bona fides precede us as we have built an enviable reputation to being prompt, reliable and transparent in our dealings with our customers.

This has held us in good stead and we have always been customer oriented to ensure optimum customer satisfaction. This has been readily reciprocated by our discerning customers with some very heart rending testimonials acknowledging our commitment to serve our community. We hold these testimonials close to our hearts as we are a family managed business that has a touch of togetherness within which we would like to extend without.

Security screened staff

As a family the management of oven repair Brooklyn Appliance Repair places high priority on the security of our staff and our customers. We would not compromise it at any cost hence our prerogative to ensure only those who are security screened are employed within our fold. Entering your premises whether it is commercial or private it is imperative that our employees discharge their duties with the utmost decorum, respect, demeanor and courteousness. It is just some of the attributes that we expect our employees to project when that at your premises. After they complete their chores it is their duty to ensure that the place where they worked on your oven repair Brooklyn is cleaned without any debris being left behind.

Our staff is all Certified Professional Appliance Repair technicians holding the necessary accreditation from the respective professional bodies to carry out oven repair Brooklyn. We work a six day week enabling our customers to schedule their appointments at the most opportune time. We are closed on Saturdays which ensures a very flexible routine allowing any of our customers to pick the time and day convenient to them.  

Insurance and liability

The moment our technicians enter your premises, they are covered by a comprehensive insurance package which would exonerate you of any liability if anything untoward happens within. We have formulated this due to certain incidents happening around the country in general and within Brooklyn in particular. This is the level of responsibility that Brooklyn Appliance Repair maintains within our organization. Our competitors would not go to this extent and which could boomerang on you if any unforeseen incident is to occur within your premises.

Our competitors might offer rates on repairs sometimes lower and cheaper than ours but you would need to read between the lines before you would sign on the dotted line and commission them to execute any oven repair Brooklyn. Charges on repairs should not always be the measure to gauge the benefits of any work being done because there are many other factors that would need to be looked into when awarding an oven repair Brooklyn.

Service and warranty

Our “same day service” is a pioneer effort by Brooklyn Appliance Repair and has been accepted with open arms by the community. It has helped those who have been distressed with a broken down oven or other important appliance to get it back operational as quickly as possible. We not only respond promptly when you call us on (347) 754 6600 but would attend to your oven repair Brooklyn as quickly as we can.

Oven Repair Brooklyn

Our service initiatives would entail a 90 day warranty on labor and if the problem recurs for any reason we would attend to it free of labor charges. If we use any spare parts in the oven repair Brooklyn we would source them from the respective manufacturer and not resort to spurious products. We would extend the warranty extended for those spare parts back to you. This is the level of our transparency and our commitment to extend the best possible service to our discerning customers.

Apart from our services in Brooklyn and thereabouts we are also present in the Big Apple, Long Island, Manhattan, Queens and Nassau County. We encompass all these areas to ensure that our exemplary services are made available to a leger clientele and they are able to have the same level of service that we extend for oven repair Brooklyn.

A wide range of brands

Our technical staff is constantly trained to be apprised of the latest technologies introduced by our principals so that they are able to extend the high level of service envisaged to our discerning customers. The tools and equipment that we employ to execute oven repair Brooklyn are all approved by the respective manufacturers. Using the wrong tool to effect repairs especially to high end and valued ovens and other appliances could cause irreparable damage. It is these simple and little aspects that our competition overlooks to save a few dollars and enhance their profits, We at Brooklyn Appliance Repair would always ensure that we conduct ourselves responsibly in the best interest of our customers.

Oven Repair Brooklyn

We are reputed and approved to undertake oven repairs Brooklyn from the following manufacturers. Thermodor, Whirlpool, Viking, Bosch, LG, Electrolux, Sears, Amana, Hotpoint, Frigidaire, Jenn-Air, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Magic Chef, Maytag, Admiral, Estate, Gaggenau and Roper which are all brands that have built an enviable reputation around the world.

You could call us to oven repair Brooklyn any of the above brands and all their other appliances as we are fully equipped and geared to undertake any type of repair. We work closely with our principals to ensure we extend the envisaged service expected by them to all those who would use these brands which are all reputed in their own right. To do so we keep abreast with all the activities our principals indulge in in the betterment of technology and the satisfaction of our customers.

Acknowledgements and testimonials

Our commitment to deliver quality service and endeavor to ensure superlative customer satisfaction has been well reciprocated by our customers. This is evident in the array of acknowledgements and testimonials that we have received and do receive regularly. We hold such testimonials with pride as our good work in the community is being acknowledged. We would strive to improve on our commitment to quality and ensure we meet the aspirations of our loyal customers.

We have large scale commercial customers and single household customers but we treat all with respect and decorum and ensure our level of service is never compromised.    

Oven Repair Brooklyn
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