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Ensure your oven is operational 24/7 – Optimum customer satisfaction imperative If you are running a business with commercial ovens it would be in your best interest to ensure that they are operational 24/7. Every second that you lose the services of any one of them, you could be losing money and many other things. More than money you could be losing customers which is one very worrying issue as it would be very unlikely that they would return.

It is a very arduous task to get customers to walk into your business, whatever it would be. There is a very razor sharp cutthroat competition being practiced by everyone out there. If you are not prudent in ensuring your operations are at optimum efficiency, customers would tend to walk away from you. Even loyal customers would not enjoy being either delayed or haphazardly served. Hence ensuring you offer optimum customer satisfaction is imperative. To fulfill such an enduring task you would need to ensure that your ovens and all other appliances assisting your operation are optimum efficiency.

Advantage of preventive maintenance

You may have the best marketing strategy in place but if your operations do not go hand in glove with it, you would be losing business sometimes knowingly and at other times unknowingly. Ovens in a commercial operation would be the centerpiece in any kitchen and it would need to be free from frequent breakdowns. This is better said than done because we know that any appliance, be it an oven or anything else are susceptible to breakdowns. The only way you could eliminate such sudden breakdowns from happening, would be by instituting a preventive maintenance initiative. Such an initiative would ensure that you are pre-warned and prepared for any eventuality.

We at Brooklyn Appliance Repair are well geared to ensure that your commercial operations are conducted with the least breakdowns or even try to eliminate them. We have the experience and the expertise to inspect your ovens and all other appliances that you would use and give them the thumbs up regularly. If certain parts are vulnerable to breakdown we could replace them with advice to you or initiate immediate action when it does. We would have prior knowledge of the impending breakdown in your oven if you are cost conscious and would want to wait and see.


Preventive maintenance would be imperative depending on the scale of your operation and the quantity of ovens and other appliances that would be in your kitchen. If you are running a large scale operation then seriously considering the preventive maintenance option would hold you in good stead. Our professional technicians would be able to put in place a comprehensive preventive maintenance mechanism to ensure your ovens and every other appliance operating at optimum efficiency.

The preventive maintenance contract that you would sign with us would contain all the responsibilities that we are entitled to provide you. It would also encompass your responsibilities too, because we would need your unstinted support and also build mutual cooperation to ensure our objectives are met. Your ovens and all other appliances would need close supervision and scrutiny to ensure any sudden breakdowns are eliminated.

A preventive maintenance would be the most prudent option for you to ensure our undivided attention is always with you and we would be at your doorstep serving you with a high level of efficiency. Our charges are very reasonable and competitive too compared to other appliance service agents in the area. We do what has been contracted to us without beating around the bush like our competitors.

You could also be rest assured that you would have us looking over your shoulder at all times to ensure your operation runs smoothly without any hiccups. A preventive maintenance initiative would ensure you that.   

We encompass a wide operational area

Brooklyn Appliance Repair has been in this line of business since 2005 and has built an indelible reputation in the market. Our services have been transparent and have been well accepted by the community of all areas that we presently serve. We extend our superlative services within New York City, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn and Nassau County with satisfied customers reciprocating with very welcome testimonials. Every area that we serve is well managed to ensure our services are delivered with exemplary results.

Our response time is fast and once you call us on (347) 754 6600 the ball starts rolling in our respective location. Your call would be quickly attended to with a representative scheduling and appointment at your convenience. Once you have provided the timer and the place our representative would be at your location on time. We would not keep you waiting as we are aware that time is the essence in any business.


Inspection and estimate

After inspecting your oven or any other appliance we would submit a free estimate for your perusal. We would deduct the cost of our “call up fee” from the oven repair bill that we would give you on completion of the work carried out. Whatever spare parts required would be sourced only from the respective manufacturer and the warranty extended by them would be passed onto you. We would only charge you for the labor and other incidental work carried out.

All our service initiatives would carry a 90 day warranty and only technicians with the appropriate qualifications and experience would be sent to attend to your oven or appliance repairs. Our technicians are all security cleared as we place a high premium on this aspect. Only Certified Professional Appliance Repair would call on you and you are requested to check their bona fides before you would permit them into your premises.

They would call on you only after a prior appointment is made. This is to ensure no unauthorized personnel would impersonate our technicians and cause unnecessary issues. Our technicians would wear our company overhauls and would be easily identifiable but we still suggest that you check their identities.      

Once you have approved our estimate we will carry out the work and ensure that the area our technicians executed the oven or any other appliance repair would be cleaned before they leave your premises. We would also suggest that you keep the oven or appliance to be repaired free from any encumbrances to ensure that our technicians do not waste time engaged in others chores.

We consider time is the essence in your business as well as ours hence our technicians should be in and out of your premises in the least possible time. This would enable you to get back to business and our technicians able to move onto our other customer who would be waiting for his appointment with them.

We at Brooklyn Appliance Repair would always strive to ensure optimum customer satisfaction and with our experience of about one and a half decades we have proven we have upheld that. The testimonials that we have received from our satisfied customers bear testimony to this claim. We are a family managed business which makes us more endearing towards our discerning customers. We have an enviable reputation for having delivered customer satisfaction at its best and would promise to deliver same to you too. 



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